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Yuhui Choe in Kenneth MacMillan’s Requiem, The Royal Ballet© ROH/Bill Cooper, 2012


Yuhui Choe in Kenneth MacMillan’s Requiem, The Royal Ballet
© ROH/Bill Cooper, 2012

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Star Spotting ♈ Aries: Superficial intensity. Youthful projection. May seem controlled but are easily moved. Impatient. Arians are idealistic and positive, and they believe they can do just about anything.
♉ Taurus: You hear their voice before you see them. Graceful movements. Full lips and cheeks - body parts that are supposed to be soft are normally very full and soft
♊ Gemini: You hear their laughter. Endless wordplay. Always appear younger then age, youthful radiance. Nervousness. Teaching you something. Distractable and communicative
♋ Cancer: The voice of a nurturer. Large eyes. The eyes tend to be watery and full of emotion even if the Cancer tries to hide it. May show hints of sadness.
♌ Leo: Warmth, generosity, drama. Even if extroversion is not always present right below the surface you will sense a steady inner glow of spirit.
♍ Virgo: Immaculately well dressed and presented. Alertness, humility and exact precision.the evolved Virgo-types often are great "personalities", but theirs is a very aware, calculated sort of individuality.
♎ Libra: Even if the body is thin, the revealing dimples and curved features define a Libran. Kindness, easy to get along with from first meeting them, They can be very talkative but also quite reservedly graceful, and seldom harsh.
♏ Scorpio: Their eyes - intensity, density, power and magnetism. They will seem to go on for miles. Scorpionic appearance that hints of forbidden and desirable things.
♐ Sagittarius: A warm glow. Laughter. An enthusiastic personality bursting to share wisdom and information. Maybe bohemian and untidy but always attractive in a frank, youthful and optimistic manner
♑ Capricorn: A pure heart underneath a reserved nature. Meticulously presented. Direct. Capricorns are surrounded by an air of effectivity and competence. An invisible crown, a natural regal expression
♒ Aquarius: Very hard to pin down. Eccentricity. Presents tangible yet highly creative ideas. They have a somewhat cool, flowy buzzing vibration, but at a low frequency. Very beautiful eyes and clear skin.
♓ Pisces: Mystery, elusiveness, sensitivity, sympathy. Can adapt into any form necessary. Deep, nurturing voices. Eyes that glow for miles inside. Warmth. Understanding. In spite of being quite shy, Pisceans tend to stare a lot.

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Good-night kiss. 


Good-night kiss. 

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